NeTEx Schema

The NeTEx XML Schema  and UML models are free to use under a APACHE Version 2 licence (more information here, also note that APACHE v2 is compatible with GPL v3 that was formerly used for NeTEx XSD and Schema). It’s possible to use the schema and models without necessarily purchasing the  CEN NeTEX publications.

The official NeTEx XSD schema and basic examples are available at Github (note that this is the only source for NeTEx latest official schema) or in this zip file here (version 1.03,  note that there is an ongoing update which is for now only available from Github ).

NeTEx official Leaflet

It is possible to download the NeTEx leaflet.

NeTEx White Papers

It is possible to download the following White Papers:


NeTEx extension for New Modes – Detailed Scope

It is possible to download the NeTEx extensions for New Modes – Detailed Scope.


Mapping with existing standards

These mappings were elaborated while defining NeTEx Part 1 and 2; they are referenced by Part 1 but only available here.