NeTEx is a CEN Technical Standard for exchanging Public Transport schedules and related data. It is divided into three parts, each covering a functional subset of the CEN Transmodel for Public Transport Information:

  • Part 1 describes the Public Transport Network topology (CEN/TS 16614-1:2014);
  • Part 2 describes Scheduled Timetables (CEN/TS 16614-2:2014);
  • Part 3 covers Fare information (CEN/TS 16614-3:2015)
  • Part 4 European Passenger Information Profile – EPIP (CEN/TS 16614-4:2017)
  • Part 5 Alternative modes exchange format (CEN/TS 16614-5:2021)
  • Part 6 European Passenger Information Accessibility Profile – EPIAP (under definition)

Currently, a dedicated expert team has been identified for the definition of NeTEx Part5 Technical Specification, relevant to the extension for Alternative Modes. NeTEx is intended to be a general purpose XML format  designed for the efficient, updateable exchange of complex transport data among distributed systems. This allows the data to be used in modern web services architectures and to support a wide range of passenger information and operational applications. Whilst there are a number of existing standards available for Timetables, NeTEx is the first systematically engineered standard that also covers multimodal Fares. The NeTEx schema is free to use under a GPL License and its development is managed by the CEN standards process.

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Support and contact requests are managed inside the EU CEF DATA4PT project that involve several member states in charge to imlements National Access Point using NeTEx, Transmodel, and SIRI CEN standards. You can refer to: https://data4pt-project.eu/requests-requirements/