How does NeTEx compare with TransXChange?

TransXChange, the UK national timetable standard, together with NaPTAN, the UK stop data standard, provides a functional equivalent subset of to the NeTEx stop and timetable elements in NeTEx Part1 & NeTEx Part2 and it is straightforward to map these to the contents of a NeTEx timetable frame. Both standards are based on Transmodel and allow the exchange of structural information such as timing information and journey patterns, The NeTEx representation is in many respects simpler, but is less specific about which elements must be present, and what the restrictions of values are.  NeTEx also includes many additional elements in Part 1 & Part 2 that are not in TransXChange, including support complex for rail journeys, interchanges rules, . schematic maps, etc. TransXChange does not support fares and nearly all of NeTEx Part 3 is outside of its scope. The result of 2004 FareXChange study of UK Bus Fares was a significant input into NeTEx.

TransXChange also includes a small number of additional registration elements to support the Electronic Bus Service Registration process of the UK Vehicle Licensing authority (VOSA). Some of the registration concepts (such as administrative areas) have equivalents in NeTEx, but a few of them are specific to the UK regulatory context and are not supported by NeTEx. It would be possible to add a separate UK extension to NeTEx to include these.