How does NeTEx compare with BISON?

The official start of BISON, the platform for Beheer Informatie Standaarden Openbaar Vervoer Nederland (Management Information Standards Public Transport Netherlands), took place on 16 September 2008. The BISON platform is the result of an earlier decision on the part of the National Mobility Deliberations (NMB) to set up a management organisation for the further development of collective standards and the incorporation of these standards, insofar as possible, in existing concessions.

The main function of the BISON platform is to formulate, manage, harmonise and monitor all of the information standards that facilitate the exchange of information within the public transport sector.

BISON considers NeTEx to be the standard of choice for the future. Parts of the standard have been applied and used within BISON (e.g. Part 3 – Fares). In due time BISON will migrate from its national PT information exchange standard to NeTEx, and in due time NL specific BISON profile(s) will be developed which will help to exchange travel information with other countries such as Germany ann Belgium.