How can NeTEx increase capability and improve design quality?

NeTEx offers a degree of protection of investment in that not only does it use mainstream technologies and have a process to support future evolution, but it also already includes in its design a high degree of functionality. Because it has been systemised from  and validated against leading National Standards it covers most of the commonly found features of public transport information systems and represents a significant amount of free, ready to use IPR in how to abstract the separate concerns of a transport information system into coherent a software model. There is a high degree of reuse of elements. The model also considers a full consideration of many advanced features, such as frequency based services, flexible services, capped fares, etc not full accommodated in many existing national standards. Not all of the features need to be implemented in a given deployment, but their presence in the design gives a clear roadmap for where to include such function if it is needed at any time.

NeTEx is the only standard to put forward a comprehensive fare data standard, one that covers not only classic multimodal fares, but also modern products such as card based pay as you fare products, relating them to a common transport model.