Does NeTEx cover ticket sales?

The NeTEx’s scope doesn’t include the actual retailing process – it covers only the products and fares that can be sold, along with all conditions of sale and use that accompany them. It can include information about available distribution channels and fulfilment methods needed to direct users towards the available retailing services. NeTEx can represent many of the ancillary elements relevant for retailing, since they are also relevant for some product definitions. For example passes and season tickets typically require a customer and a contract and because some modern products, are usage based such as pay as you go fares with capping,  it also includes a basic record of travel purchases for account based product use.

NeTEx doesn’t describe standards for the media used for tickets (for example the layout and content of a rail ticket), though it includes a ‘Travel document  concept that can be used to link to downstream retail systems that prescribe how a product should be materialized.