Can NeTEx define products for modern e-card based ticketing?

Yes. Electronic payment cards such as OV Chipkart (NL), Oyster (London region), Navigo (Paris region) Sube T (Madrid), BIP Card (Turin) are becoming increasingly common and etc transport operators are able to devises increasingly sophisticate products . For example Oyster has fares that adjust according to consumption, capping the cost of trips made in a day to that of a day pass. NeTEx is able to describe the fare structures and scope and conditions for such complex products, as well as to supporting an record of consumption for account based products. (A NeTEx SALES TRANSACTION records an individual PRODUCT SALE).

As products on cards are physical invisible to the user, the ability to create user readable representations become increasingly important – such applications require a machine readable format with corresponding human readable rendering, such as is available through NeTEx.