Can I use NeTEx for Rail?

Yes, NeTEx covers stations, networks, timetables and fares for Rail. The development process has involved experts from Rails (ERA, UIC, SNCF, ATOC, etc.) to make sure specific rails requirements are taken into account. The NeTEx design process included consideration of the B1, B2 and B3 Tap/TSI data models for European Rail fares as well as various national urban and suburban rail systems. NeTEx includes support for complex aspects of rail passenger information, such as journeys that join and split, train makeup, boarding positions on platforms, station and on-board facilities, accessibility and complex fare products. High value rail fare products often have complex conditions of use and NeTEx can describe these in a representation that gives both machine readable and human readable forms. Restrictions on routing (as in Tap/TSI  ‘Series’) can be described.  Multimodal products with rail components can also be described.