Can I create Network maps with NeTEx?

Yes, one of the additional capabilities of NeTEx is the ability to define and exchange the full topology of a network as presented in simplified view to a user (often with presentational attributes such as colour) , with non-directional network segments, loops etc, while also retaining a projection onto the actual underlying stops and route. This allows automatic creation of interactive map applications.

  • The LINE element names the line and sets basic properties.
  • The LINE NETWORK and LINE SECTION elements can be used to described the topology
  • The ROUTE, ROUTELINK, and ROUTE POINT elements can be used to define the directional elements of the underlying line
  • The SCHEDULED STOP POINT can be used to define the stops of a line

All these objects can have their own geographic positions and geometry or an be projected onto a custom drawn map using a SCHEMATIC MAP element.